Midnight Express SVCS, Inc
Midnight Express SVCS, Inc

About Us

Midnight Express Services, INC is a family-owned and operated commercial janitorial service company established since 1996. Midnight Express offers a complete cleaning system that covers all of your organization cleaning needs under one umbrella. The company’s services consist of the cleaning of restrooms, entrance, offices, dust removal, power wash, seat, wall and carpet cleaning, concession stand, chemical consultant, windows, and floor wax to mention a few.


Midnight Express goal is to simply provide organizations with outstanding and reliable janitorial services. Therefore Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients. 


Midnight Express offer organizations friendly, personalize, dependable, value services and communication that is second to none. Midnight Express prides on being all that an organization needs when it comes to their janitorial needs.


What sets us apart?

Midnight Express Services recognizes the importance of a clean working environment, that is why Midnight Express Service is dedicated to improving the appearance of any organization with our personalized janitorial services.


  • Available 24 –7 
  • Custom design service 
  • Management supervision
  • Consultation & Training
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Quality control procedures by trained supervisors
  • Consistent service levels, resulting from low turnover and trained workers
  • Professional management concern for customer satisfaction
  • Exceptional reputation, because of reliability, thoroughness, flexibility, responsiveness, and great communication
  • Actively seeking trainings & certifications

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P.O. Box 140295

Edgewater CO 80214-0295


Cell: 303-916-7986

Fax: 303-972-3355




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